How To Tame Your Inner Grinch

I have a confession. It’s December 19th and I have yet to find my Christmas spirit. 

I’m tired and cold and my house is a mess.  My to do list is (still) long, my time is short and I have a load of presents in my closet waiting for me to wrap them.

But it’s really not about that.

Because I’ve been busy before.  My house has been a mess before. I’ve been tired and cold before.  So why do I lack in spirit during this “hap-happiest season of all”?   I don’t know.  But, I’m trying.

The family and I put up our tree together.  We decorated the house.  We made my annual donation to my favorite charity (Christel House) and sponsored three kids for Christmas. I’m playing Christmas music. I even studied Mary in The Women of Christmas along with the women in my bible study.

These are all good things; thing I am happy to do, things that usually bring me joy.  But somehow this year, it’s just not working.  But as I continue in my striving, as I continue to seek out ways to refuel my tired body and spirit, I find the walls of my Grinch-like soul are finally beginning to crack.  Thank God.  Because who wants to be a Grinch?

As a blogger, I follow many blogs.  Two that I read this week touched my heart.

The first was written by Michelle Cushatt.  Michelle is a Christian speaker and writer.  I love her blog because she is honest, wise and humble.  This week she interviewed her father about his recent experiences with a cancer diagnosis.  This vibrant, healthy, never-been-sick-much-before father and grandfather woke up one day and discovered that,  “just that fast, everything changed.”

I must say Dad is as wise as his daughter and his words really spoke to me.  If only I had a faith like his, the Grinch could not touch me.   Read about Loren Trethewey’s experience here:

      The second blog post that spoke to me is from Dan Reiland.  Reiland’s blog is written for church leaders, but I find he often has wisdom for all of us lowlifes.  This week Dan talks about how sometimes we can’t see what is right in front of us.  He then gives three simple suggestions for finding the solutions we seek:

          Slow down.

          Pay attention.


Can it really be that easy?  Yes.  Read more about how to seek what you cannot find here:

My friends, the month of December couldn’t be busier. In a matter of 25 days we add decorating, shopping, baking, card writing, and lots of merrymaking to our already busy lives.  

Let us not forget to slow down, pay attention and focus on what is important.

Let us not forget to be grateful for all we have, not the least of which is eternal life through Jesus Christ. 

Because as Grandpa Loren knows, everything can change, just that fast. 

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