Seven Things To Love About Summer

All you have to do is take one look around my house and you’ll see it’s true: summer has arrived.


You can tell by the pool towels draped across my patio chairs, the novels lying about my family room, and the flip-flops scattered across the floor of my entry.  But despite the mess, I’m feeling a bit giddy. Because I love summer, and not just for the weather.

Nope, there’s more to this season than sunshine, lightening bugs and family reunions.

For me, summer is the season of promise. These 12 weeks hold within them what I long for all year round: possibility, hope, and best of all: fun.  I love to have fun. Below are the top seven things I love about summer.

1-Fewer Commitments + More Flexibility=More Time. Like most people, I have set volunteer and social obligations. But guess what? All my commitments cease during the summer months (except for work but I have a flexible schedule). This leaves me with free pockets of time. In addition, with the kids out of school, I’m free of school meetings and activities (and helping with homework!). Free, free, free; are you getting that I like my freedom? A break from commitments for these few precious weeks, it’s a blessing.

2-Longer days=more outdoor activities.
I think I’m like a bear that hibernates.  In the cold winter months all I want to do is sit by the fire and sleep or read (not that bears read).  But in the summer I come alive.  I’m more apt to get up early and walk the dog and get out in the evenings.  In my book, longer days warmer temps and sunshine make for better living.

3-Summer Concerts, Picnics, Fairs and Festivals, oh my! What can be better than a picnic in the park? I’ll tell you: one with family and friends while listening to a free concert and watching tiny ones dance around in the green grass.  Add a glass of wine and I’m even happier.  Another summer favorite pastime for me is berry-picking at Spencer’s Farm.  I’ll admit it: I can eat berries by the handful.  Picking strawberries, blackberries and blueberries off the vine: heaven on earth and time well spent on a warm summer morning.

4-Less TV=More Time to Read.   I’m not a huge TV person, but I do love the shows I love: Mad Men, Nashville, Parenthood, The Good Wife, Amazing Race and Shark Tank to name (quite) a few. But with a summer full of re-runs or less-than-appealing reality shows, I turn the TV off and indulge in my reading habit. Such a more satisfying way to spend time, I don’t know why I bother with TV at all.

5-More Time Spent with Family and Friends. There’s just something about a good old-fashioned cookout. And the grilled burgers and corn on the cob aren’t the half of it. For me it’s the laughter and lingering that I love. Whether it’s around the fire pit on cooler evenings or hanging out on the porch on the hotter ones, it’s all a good time.  Life often gets in the way of connecting with the people we care about. But with a relaxed schedule and longer days, summer finds me more eager to entertain.  And this always fills my bucket.

6-Travel, travel, travel!  I am one of those people who enjoys getting out and seeing the world.  Be it Paris or Southern Indiana, to me it’s always an adventure.  So I love nothing more than going on vacation or getting away for a weekend.  I find it exhilarating to explore new places. Summer is the perfect time to do so.

 7-Being Spontaneous.  I’ve got one kid in college, one in high school and one who will enter middle school in the fall.  Because of the differences in their ages, everyone comes and goes at different times.  But occasionally, in the summer, I’ll find a day when everyone is home at once.  This is when I decide to blow off my to-do list and sneak away for an adventure with my girls.  In the past we’ve hit Conner Prairie, biked the Monon Trail or snuck away to Brown County for the day. Somehow my soul knows this is important to do from time to time. I think it’s about choosing life over chores.

There are so many things to love about this season.  Everyone has their favorite summertime rituals, what are yours?



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7 Responses to Seven Things To Love About Summer

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  2. Summer means sitting on my screened in porch with a book and a glass of wine. There’s nothing better. This past winter was long and cold, so I relish the warm breezes and chirping of birds.

  3. Sabra Penley says:

    So fun, Tracy. I only wish we had some “cooler nights” here in Texas. By the time July rolls around, we never get below 80. Summer to me is melting season.

    • Never thought about this Sabra, but yes, when you live in a warmer climate, summer is probably your least favorite season! I’ll be sending you cool thoughts to get you through!

  4. Mona Ploss says:

    Hi Tracy!
    I see you are as excellent at writing as you were at being a travel agent (which I truly miss)! Summer is so lovely, we enjoy our local birds eating out of our many feeders, working downtown and having access to the farmers market and the strawberry festival. Watching everyone tan up and looking amazing. Riding my bike in the warm weather with my feet flying out to the sides and enjoying the cool breeze in my face. The watermelon, corn on the cob and neat fruity drinks I make to enhance my mood.

    • HI Mona! Thanks for your comment. Ah, you bring to mind even more things I too love about summer. I love your sentence about riding your bike! Makes me want to dig mine out of the garage right now. I think I really love summer it brings out the kid in me, and we all need to access our inner-kid, makes us feel alive! 🙂

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