Directionally Challenged

Abby & Tracy canoeing 2014

We’d been in the water for all of 90 seconds.

“Wait,” I spit out, “you’re paddling the wrong way.” And then boom-before I knew it, before my muscle memory could recall how to navigate us out of the situation, my daughter and I found our canoe stuck in the reeds. Seconds later, two kayaks crashed into us.

Luckily, as soon as our canoe started to tip, it all came back to me. I quickly re-balanced our boat, used my oar to push us out, and paddled furiously until we reached a clear path in deeper waters.

With a three-hour ride ahead of us, I realized it was going to be an interesting afternoon.

And it was. Only not in the way I’d originally thought. This trip wasn’t just about teaching my daughter how to paddle a canoe; it was also about me remembering the best way to steer through life.

It all started back in May.  “Oh we’ll come with you,” I’d said with a laugh, “I mean if you’re looking for some company…” And with that I’d invited my daughter and I to accompany my neighbor on a canoe trip she’d won at our elementary school carnival. But at the time, it was just talk. I often talk about all the fun things I’d like to do, but let’s face it: I don’t always follow through.

Instead, I get busy with my days, work through my to-do list. I finish up writing assignments and shuffle my kids to the dentist, the doctor, the next social activity.  All plans for memory-making activities are forgotten, never make it onto my calendar.

But my neighbor didn’t forget. So when she called a week ago and asked if we were ready to go canoeing, I said yes without hesitation.  I said yes without even asking my daughter. Yet when the day arrived, I felt a bit…nervous.

Nervous? About canoeing? I know, I know, what is happening to me in my old age?  Somehow I find now that I’m in my forties, the old lady in me keeps coming out. She is ridiculously practical and boring.

She thinks about how tipped canoes and wet clothes and chasing coolers down a river are not really fun.

She loves music, but worries over how expensive concerts are. She also knows if she’s up late, then she’ll be too wound up to sleep afterwards.

The old lady gets so stuck in her daily routine. She is so busy getting through life, that she sometimes forgets how to live.

Wow, I can’t stand this lady. But here’s the good news: This woman has friends and family around her who push her out of her turtle-like shell. Thank God these people invite her along for their ride.  Because left to her own devices, she’d likely never get around to doing anything.

And then she’d forget how much fun it is to spend an afternoon on the water with friends.  How great it is to teach her daughter how to canoe and skip rocks in the river, observing turtles and blue herons all the way.

She’d never stay up late at a cookout with old friends, would miss out on recounting old stories, discussing life and impulsively deciding to purchase concert tickets. (Yes, we are going to Kiss/Def Leopard; I can’t believe it myself). 

Without prodding, she’d give in to her to-do list, and then miss the great conversation around the fire pit with her oldest child, the one so busy living that she’s rarely home.

The most important things in life are often the things I put off doing.

Canoeing 2014

In True at First Light Hemingway wrote,  “When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead.”  Granted Hemingway had a slew of problems in the end (leading him to commit suicide at age 61), but the man had this one right. Fun is always worth it, even when you risk tipping your canoe, being tired and getting behind on your to-do list.  The dishes can wait.








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8 Responses to Directionally Challenged

  1. Today’s ‘catastrophe’ is often tomorrow’s office joke, or a favorite childhood memory.

    And what is more fun than plotting with a child to undo a disaster. You can both be kids, for a moment anyway.

    • Agreed, perhaps that is the real reason having fun is so important. As adults we need to go back to the way we thought/felt/acted when we were young. Good for the soul I think.

  2. Sally says:

    I’m guilty of the same thing: not even putting the ‘fun’ on my calendar because I’m too busy trying to get all the ‘mundane’ off my to do list 😦 life is short, having fun is not a luxury, it’s an essential part of healthy living! Thanks for this little reminder, I needed it 🙂

    • Sally I think when we become mothers we also become managers of the family. And when this happens we are so busy making sure everyone gets what they need, that the house gets cleaned, that dinner gets on the table, etc. that we forget all about stepping back and taking life in. In other words we don’t plan for fun. I’ve always said life gets in the way (of living)! You are right, fun is essential. 🙂

  3. Good for you. It’s easy to fall back into our routine at home and pass on the fun stuff. This reminds me of a canoe trip I took with my husband way back when we were dating. It was a terrifying experience for me (I’m not so outdoorsy). We capsized and the canoe got wrapped around the root of a fallen tree. We lost all our food. Now that I think about it, I should write the story, especially since I can laugh about it now.

    • I agree, you lived to tell the story, so now you should. 🙂 It’s kind of like a metaphor for life. We capsize our canoes but we learn to right them again. 🙂 I’ve done the capsized canoe thing and while it is funny, it’s not so fun!

  4. Joyce Welbaum says:

    This reminds me of an old funny song we used to sing, “Leave the dishes in the sink, Ma!” Wish I could remember all the words. We must never forget to have fun even when we get old! That is part of what makes life worthwhile and pleasant. And that reminds me of another old song, “We’re making memories, wonderful memories.”

    • Ha, that is funny Aunt Joyce. Whenever Steve wants to do something, he jokingly says he’s just trying to make memories! Fun is important, I’m working on making it a priority!

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