How to Be A Better Mother


I just got back from a long weekend away with my girlfriends. Four glorious days with six of my friends: talking, laughing, eating, taking in the sun and walking the beach. It was glorious.

A girlfriend getaway is something I highly recommend. I know there are many mamas who don’t like or don’t want to leave their families, and I respect their choice. But for me, time away with my girlfriends makes me a better mom.

So in honor of Mother’s Day I’ve written a list of reasons a girlfriend getaway is worth your while.

7 Reasons You Should  Leave Your Family (for a few days!)

1-Your family will appreciate you more when you return. Sometimes it takes being gone for your family to notice what all you do for them. Trust me they will miss the lady who cooks, cleans, picks up constantly, closes the blinds every night and replaces the toilet paper roll.


2-You will appreciate your family more when you return.  A break from our normal responsibilities reminds us just why we do what we do: we love these cute, messy, funny people we live with.  A few days without them reminds us just how much better life is with them in it.


3-We have so much to learn about life from our friends.  When we get away, my girlfriends and I talk with abandon about our kids, our husbands, our dreams for the future. I get all sorts of ideas and advice for ways to handle preteen attitudes, unruly pets, homework, grass-stained soccer jerseys and the constant balancing act of life and work.


4-Our friends help us get through life’s difficulties.  Life can be hard, we need to get away and gain some perspective.  With friends we can laugh at life’s ironies and suddenly they don’t seem so bad.  We take turns listening to each others struggles and sort out the things in life that need sorting.  It’s like free (group) therapy.


5-Time away gives you freedom without guilt. As mothers, we are constantly beckoned by the needs of our kids, husbands, house and for some of us, work responsibilites.  A sink full of dirty dishes, loads of laundry and helping with the latest school project or work deadline keep us from relaxing.  When we get away, we only have our own needs to consider.  We can do whatever we want: stay up late, sleep in, read a magazine, lay in a beach chair and do absolutely nothing or eat at a restaurant that doesn’t offer a kids menu.  What a respite this is!  On a girlfriend getaway, we can enjoy life without the guilt.


6-It’s just plain fun.  Laughter matters so much, and my friends make me laugh. It doesn’t really matter where we go or what we do, just that we do it together.  Whether we are on a beach in FL (like this year) or tucked away in someone’s basement, time spent away with my girlfriends is a time of laughter and a renewal of friendship.  In the grand scheme, these moments we each manage to steal away from our very busy lives are nothing less than sacred.


7-Getting away allows you to remember who you once were. It’s been said that mothers forever see their hearts walking outside of their bodies.  Yes, we love our kids so much that they are an extension of us.  The downside of this is that we can often forget who we once were, before children.  Remember that girl who once loved to play tennis?  Wrote poetry?  Enjoyed live music?  Got lost in a novel?   She’s still there, deep inside of you, holding on to those long lost dreams and hobbies: find her, honor her, celebrate her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  And an especially happy Mother’s Day to all my friends.  I love you all and thank you for making me a better mother, simply by being my friend. 




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2 Responses to How to Be A Better Mother

  1. I love spending time with my girlfriends, Tracy. I’m not a mom and most of my friend’s kids are grown but I still need my girlfriend time to talk about all the things you mentioned. I feel full when I’ve been with them, recharged and energized. Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day.

    • Geralyn, you bring up such a great point. All women need their girlfriends, not just mothers. And time spent away with our friends, be it a trip or a night out or even just lunch is time well spent! Thanks for your comment.

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