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10 Reasons Why I Love Yoga

I’ve spent the majority of my life exercising. But in the last seven months I’ve been fighting a few pesky health issues that have knocked me off the proverbial exercise wagon. Only now am I beginning to get back into … Continue reading

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Nothing Good Happens After Midnight and Other Lessons From My Youth

“…And you know what he said? He said, ‘It’s good to want, Tracy.’” I chuckled to myself at the memory. My daughter was less than impressed.  “I know, Mom. You’ve already told me this story…” Had I? I couldn’t remember. … Continue reading

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Pain, Acceptance and God’s Magic Wand

“I just want to eat,” she says with a frown, as she stares at the fruit on her plate. She is grumpy and I get it, I understand why. I remember the pain. “I know,” I say, “and you will. … Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas is…

Dear Santa, Hello from Indiana. I hope you and the Mrs. are well. How are the elves?  I’m hoping they aren’t too sleep-deprived during this last minute holiday rush in the workshop. I’m so excited that Christmas is just days … Continue reading

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Gratitude Schmatitude! What really makes us happy?

For the first time in a very long time, I found myself with an empty Saturday afternoon this past weekend. What a treat! And so yes, I could have gone to the gym or cleaned my house or done the … Continue reading

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50 Reasons I’m Okay with Turning 50

This weekend marks my 50th birthday.  I can’t believe I’ve been around for half a century, it doesn’t seem possible.  But as I ponder this getting older thing, I’ve decided: it’s not so bad.  In fact I can think of … Continue reading

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I won, I won…

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award from fellow blogger Pernnille who is from Denmark and writes a lovely travel blog. The Liebster Award The Liebster Award is given by bloggers to fellow bloggers in order to support and … Continue reading

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Where’s Your Joy?

How I’ve felt lately. Tell me I’m not the only one, that you have felt like this too: Not quite yourself, a little irritated, restless and bored with the day-to-day drudgery.  This has been me for the last few weeks.  … Continue reading

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The Power of Accepting Change

The first day of school, captured from afar.  “Are you sure I can’t come?” I asked, “I know the other moms are coming…” My daughter simply shook her head, “No, Mom,” she said, “You don’t need to be there.” It … Continue reading

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“Relax and Let God Love You”, An Interview with Regina Brett

Every once in a while you find a book or an author that strikes a cord with you.  You read the words they have carefully crafted and think, “Yes!  That’s it!  That’s exactly the way I feel, but I haven’t … Continue reading

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