What Readers are saying about Chasing God:

“I loved it! It’s beautifully written, and sweet, and interesting, and personal and I loved it.”

“It made me laugh and moved me to tears…”

“Opening the cover I did not know what to expect.  Was this to be another ‘preachy’  I was saved book?…It was real, honest and not preachy…Thank you for giving the world a window into your life…”

“I completely enjoyed your candor and story…” 

“I am really enjoying your book.  I can’t seem to put it down.”

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Chasing God, Finding Faith from the Outside Looking In is Tracy Line’s unique, touching and sometimes humorous take on her personal odyssey to faith.  From watching televangelists in her basement at age four, to a childhood friendship with a devout Christian, to awkward experiences at church camp during her rebellious teen years, Line’s story is unlike that of most practicing Christians. Her quest, which continues through young motherhood and beyond, becomes the readers own as she offers honest and direct thoughts about faith, God and the institution of religion.

Personal anecdotes, told in Line’s down-to-earth style, questions to ponder at the end of each chapter and a satisfying depth of spiritual perspective make Chasing God a rewarding read. One significant enough to cause one to question his own beliefs, and valuable enough to share with friends.  

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Local friends (Indianapolis, IN) can find a copy in the following stores:

The Wild Bookstore

Capstone Cafe and Bookstore

Nickel Plate Arts

Living Truth

Chasing God may also be purchased in print or ebook form at







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  2. Janice Rackauskas says:

    What a treasure I have found in Tracy Line’s memoirs “Chasing God.”I am recommending this read to any and everyone who wish to discover themselves.

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